Bihar horror: Nails hammered in thighs, soles and wrist of two men in police custody, tortured to death


Two men who were picked up by the police in cases of robbery and murder were reportedly tortured to death in custody in Bihars Sitamarhi last week, a report in The Indian Express said. The custodial death of the two triggered massive protests by the locals who are now demanding strict action against the police officials involved in the crime. The local administration, however, has ordered a magisterial probe. The family of the deceased men who have been identified as Gufran Alam (30) and Taslim Ansari (32) came across photos and a video clip of their bodies. The photos and videos were captured when their bodies were given a wash just before burial. It shows marks of nails hammered into their skin. Families of the duo have shared the video and photos with the police and an FIR was filed for murder. The administration has suspended five policemen. Acknowledging the custodial deaths and terming it The policemen will also face departmental action and if they do not surrender then they can even face dismissal from the duty. We have also issued a show-cause notice to Sitamarhi SP who has been transferred. As per the records, Gufran Alam and Taslim Ansari, early on March 6, were picked up by the police from Ramdiha village in a case related to the theft of a motorcycle and murder of bike Taslim Ansari had four criminal cases in East Champaran and Sitamarhi against him and was out on bail, The Indian Express reported, however Gufran Alam had no prior criminal record. READ ALSO | Munnavar Ali, Gufran They said they wanted to question Gufran in connection with a case. Before we could ask anything, they took him away and later also picked up fellow villager Taslim Ansari. However Gufran and Taslim were not there. A local police informer told us about Gufran and Taslim were at Dumra police station. He got Sanawar Ali to speak with Gufran who could barely talk. He said that police had severely beaten him and broken his legs, Gufran Alam has two children 5-year-old Wakaf and Neha Tarannum who is just three years old. Both Taslim and Gufran There, we were told that both were dead and their postmortem had been conducted. We were not allowed to see the bodies. The bodies were handed over to us the next day, It was then they knew what happened they say. The bodies were being washed for the burial rituals and the relatives say they saw the wounds and the torture both men went through. A college student, Sabbil Rooney is assisting both grieving families with the paperwork and told The Indian Express, The nails were hammered into their thighs, wrists and soles. The legs of both victims were severely injured. We are waiting for the postmortem report for specific details. He was planning to return to Doha where his other two brothers also work in the same profession. Munnavar Ali says, His family has asked for a job for Gufran Taslim Ansari Gufran 65-year-old Molazim Ansari Taslim15 am when the police came. The policemen ransacked our house and took away Taslim who worked as a daily wager. And even if my son faced a criminal case, it How can police kill him like this? Is this rule of law the Chief Minister has been talking about?

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