Lateral entry in civil services will infuse new blood, fresh ideas in government


Lateral Entry in UPSC: The Union Public Service Commission Central government The vacancies were advertised by the Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) in June last year but the task was later handed to the UPSC in December. This was first significant step by the Modi government to bring specialists and experts into the government from private sector. However, the decision faced stiff resistance from the IAS lobby as these senior positions in the government are mostly occupied by the career civil servants who are recruited through a tough written test and interview. ALSO READ: Pie in the sky? Rahul Gandhi will need Rs 17-18 lakh crore to implement Congress manifesto The move was aimed at bridging the shortage of talent in the government. However, a former bureaucrat who served at key positions in the central government rejected the idea that there is any shortage of talent in the government. This is something that the government wanted to try on experimental basis. But this is not final, they have been given a three year contract, He said that some of the new officers will face adjustment problems while working with the government. And the political process is a big constraint in any way, ALSO READ: Yogi It has to be seen that how many of them will leave and how many of them will stay, There are over 340 positions of joint secretaries in the central government and these new joint secretaries from private sector will work under career bureaucrats, also known as generalists. These civil servants generally don ALSO READ: Will Gujarat voters stay loyal to Modi? Here is what they want The former senior bureaucrat who worked with the ministry of finance at secretary level told Financial Express Online that the induction of just nine joint secretaries will not make any significant change in the policy making process. You are trying to utilise the available talent and skill set, Don It\u201d ALSO READ: These five steps will make Lok Sabha Election 2019 foolproof

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