Rafale deal: Enough evidence to prosecute PM Modi for corruption, says Rahul Gandhi


Alleging that the trail of corruption in the Rafale fighter jet deal begins and ends with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Congress President Rahul Gandhi Wednesday claimed there is now enough evidence to prosecute him. Leading the partys attack on the Modi dispensation over the deal, Gandhi also alleged destruction of evidence and obvious cover-up after the government told the Supreme Court that crucial files pertaining to the fighter jet deal were stolen. There is now enough evidence to prosecute the PM in the Rafale Scam. The trail of corruption begins ends with him. That crucial Rafale files incriminating him are now reported Also read| The Congress on Wednesday alleged corruption and malfeasance in the Rafale fighter jet deal and said the time has come to lodge an FIR against Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The corruption and malfeasance in Rafale deal is out in the open. PM Modi misused his office to give benefits to Dassault Aviation and caused loss to the public exchequer, Congress chief spokesperson Randeep Surjewala told reporters. It is now crystal clear that blatant and massive corruption has taken place in the Rafale deal. It is undoubtedly established that Modi misused his office as Prime Minister to grant undue benefit to Dassault Aviation and caused a loss to public exchequer, he said.

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