Watch: Auto driver assaults policeman for stopping him from wrong side driving in Bihar


In a shocking incident, a policeman in Bihars Muzaffarpur was thrashed by an autorickshaw driver after the cop allegedly stopped him from driving on the wrong side of the The video that has gone viral, shows a driver and few others beating up a policeman before onlookers and other cops arrived at the spot for his rescue. While, the policeman has been admitted in a hospital, efforts are on to catch the accused. Last year, a video had gone viral showing a traffic policeman in Bengaluru throwing a shoe at two people riding on a bike without the The netizens were upset with the cops action, saying while bikers were wrong in not wearing a helmet, the action by the traffic cop was also not justifiable. The video was uploaded by Rishabh Chatterjee, a YouTuber. He perhaps took the video while driving. #WATCH Bihar: An autorickshaw driver his friends thrash a police personnel who stopped them from driving on the wrong side at Aghoria Bazar chowk in Muzaffarpur. The police personnel is admitted in hospital. Police is on the lookout for accused. (Note: Strong language) (26.03)\/yIBz4D77AI This is the reason I always have my camera always recording during my bike rides or car drivescom.

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