WATCH: Rahul Gandhi helps photographer who fell from stairs, Congress hails act of kindness


Rahul Gandhi was today seen rushing to check on a photographer who fell from the stairs while the Congress president was being welcomed by his partymen outside the Bhubaneswar Airport in the state capital. Rahul is on his first visit to Odisha after taking charge as AICC chief. He is scheduled to address the Odisha Dialogue and a public meeting in Bhubaneswar. In the video of the incident, which has gone viral now, Gandhi is seen rushing to help a cameraperson who fell from the stairs, while the former was being welcomed by party members. Gandhi checks on him and helps him to his feet before walking away. Watch video: #WATCH Congress President Rahul Gandhi checks on a photographer who tripped and fell at Bhubaneswar Airport, Odisha.\/EusYlzlRDn Affection, Sympathy and quick action for the people in need comes as a reflex to a true leader. Watch how Congress President Shri @RahulGandhi rushes to help a cameraperson who fell from the stairs#RahulGandhiInOdisha The Congress party is proud to have Shri @RahulGandhi as its captain, tweeted Niranjan Patnaik, state Congress chief. Compassion, kindness and empathy are the qualities of a true leader. The Congress party is proud to have Shri @RahulGandhi as its captain. ????#RahulGandhiInOdisha It will not work and we need new ideas. Gandhi added, Ours (Congress Not like Mr.Narendra Modi who thinks he knows everything, there is no scope of feedback. This is the basic difference between us and BJP. Gandhi also attacked the government over RTI and said that it is forgotten, which used to be a weapon of the middle class but today the government has destroyed it. Gandhi said that India needs to think China as a competitor and accept that China has the ability to produce more jobs. We have to accept that the single biggest challenge is Chinas ability to produce jobs after jobs, Pointing out the cases of businessmen leaving the country after committing financial fraud, Gandhi said that money in crores is in the hands of few capitalists. 5 lakh crores of banking money is in hand of 20-30 capitalists. They can run away with the money but the loans of common people in need arent forgiven. Recently, his sister, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra also entered into mainstream politics as the General-Secretary of UP East.

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