Delhi’s services department issues guidelines to expedite file processing


Faced with the burden of unnecessary files, the services department of the Delhi government has asked all departments to send references for its advice with a background note and prior approval of secretary concerned. The move comes after it was observed that departments are not clearly indicating the issue on which the advice from the services department is required, leading to delay in processing of cases. According to a circular, it was also observed that departments are seeking opinion on routine administrative matters, requesting vetting of proposed action among others, which do not come under the mandate of the services department. In order to streamline things, the services department issued guidelines, which include that all references to it should be sent with the approval of the administrative secretary concerned. The circular stated that the note seeking advice should be invariably give a detailed background with full facts and circumstances of the case. Proposals seeking vetting of proposed action, draft order, affidavit, etc shall be avoided, it stated. In case the matter involves financial implications, the views or opinion of the finance departments may also be obtained in the first place and included in the reference made to services department for advice, it also stated.

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