Madurai’s temple serves Biryani as ‘prasad’ during Muniyandi festival, watch video


Muniyandi swami temple of Madurai district in Tamil Nadu served biryani as the prashad after the festival. The Muniyandi festival is celebrated in South Tamil Nadu as people worship regional deities of Tamil Nadu – who were worshippers of Lord Shiva and his female counterpart Shakti. A devotee told ANI, We are celebrating this Muniyandi festival, where a fund is raised, from both the public and the people associated with the festival. Every Friday and Saturday of the third week of January, we have a grand festival here in South Tamil Nadu. Tamil Nadu: Biryani is served as prasad at Muniyandi Swami temple in Vadakkampatti, Madurai. A devotee says,I come here every yr,were celebrating this festival for last 84 yrs.Around 1000 kg rice,250 goats300 chickens are used to make biryani, we use public donations for it\/6ZYEIlKZkt We cook around 1000 kgs of rice, 250 goats and 300 chickens to cook the biryani, and then it is donated as prashad to the public, he added. The devotees donate funds for the ingredients that are used to prepare the prashad. In a video posted by ANI, the devotees can be seen carrying puja thalis on there head, while the sound of drums fills the background. Several sacks of rice are seen stored away for the biryani and many cooks preparing the biryani and some others packaging it.

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