People with more than two children should not be given voting rights, govt benefits: Yoga guru Ramdev


Yoga guru Baba Ramdev on Wednesday called for revoking government benefits to those people who bear more than two children, and that such people should not be eligible to even vote. Ramdev was speaking at an inauguration event of Patanjali Paridhan, an apparel store, in Aligarh of Uttar Pradesh. Those who have more than 2 children, their voting rights should be taken away they shouldnt be allowed to contest elections. Dont let them use govt schools, hospitals, dont give them govt jobs. The population will be controlled automatically, ANI quoted Ramdev as saying. Watch video: This is not the first time when Ramdev has suggested this idea. Last year in November, Ramdev had said that those who produce more than two kids, should not be allowed to participate in elections and people like him, who do not marry, should be honoured. Baba, while addressing the Goa Fest had said that one of the reasons for his successful and happy life is bachelorhood. Ramdev, who is the founder of Haridwar-based consumer goods company Patanjali, had said that marriage is not an easy thing, many are yet to get married, and several are done with it, adding that if you have a child, then you will have to bear with them for the entire life. Ramdev also said that one doesn In 2015, Ramdev created a major controversy by saying that there should be a law to control the population of a particular community whose population has registered a growth.

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