Raking it in: Bengal business summit gets Rs 2.48 lakh crore investment proposals


West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee on Friday announced that the 5th edition of the Bengal Global Business Summit has attracted investment proposals worth `2,48, 288 crore. There were 86 MOUs signed following 1200 B2B and 45 B2G meetings. The summit was characterised with a huge number of foreign delegates, who had come here to do real business, state finance, industry and IT minister Amit Mitra said. In the earlier editions of the BGBS, the foreign delegates mainly came to gather some experience about the affairs of West Bengal. This time, 450 foreign delegates, who represented various countries like UK, Italy, Poland, Republic of Korea, Japan, USA, Germany, France, UAE, Luxembourg and many others, actually did some business. READ ALSO | Although the minister couldnt provide a sector-wise break up of the of the investments proposed, he said 40% of the investment proposals that have come in the the earlier four editions of BGBS have already happened or under implementation. Hinting to the vibrant Gujarat business summit, Mitra said, 43% only.\u201d

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