Retail, fintech startups dominated funding landscape between 2016-18; raised this much capital


Amid a high number of startup shutdowns, business model tweaks, and valuation cuts post-2015 era, retail and financial technology markets have continued to be investors Based on data from deal discovery platform Tracxn, retail and fintech were among the top three sectors attracting funding between 2016-18 period. In 2018, retail startups raised over $2.1 billion across 178 deals while the amount close to doubled – $4.1 billion in 2017 via 211 deals. In 2016, due to the impact of lesser deal value, retail startups raised $1.2 billion. However, the number of deals was the highest in three years – 316. Fintech startups too enjoyed attention from investors though relatively lesser than retail. $1.5 billion were raised in 175 deals in 2018. The amount went up to near $2 billion along with a slight increase in deal volume to 183 in 2017. The 2016 fallout also hit fintech startup deal-making with just $619 million raised. Deal volume, however, remained stable at around 180. 2018 fundraising activity was dominated by large rounds including $1.3 billion raised by Swiggy, $1 billion secured by OYO. The other big deal value of 2018 was $540 million raised by Byju Online retail dominated the three-year fundraising with $4.7 billion in total across 247 deals. Business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce and retailtech startups were the other two top sub-sectors for 2018 raising $405 million and $242 million respectively. Home improvements ($456 million) and B2B ($204 million) in 2017 and second-hand goods ($237 million) and fashion startups ($216 million) in 2016 were the other key areas where capital was invested. In fintech, alternative lending startups secured $458 million followed by consumer finance that raised $391 million and mobile payments where investors poured $346 million in 2018. In 2017, mobile payments followed by alternative lending and insurance technology combined raised $1.9 billion while in 2016 alternative lending, mobile payments and consumer finance collectively raised near $549 million. The highest deal activity in 2017 was led by a massive $4.12 billion raised in 4 deals by Flipkart, $1.7 raised by Ola in 6 deals and $1.4 billion secured by Paytm.

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