Sabarimala row: Supreme Court did not consider sentiments of Hindus, says Mohan Bhagwat


Rashtriya Swamsevak Sangh (RSS) chief Mohan Bhagwat today said that the Supreme Court failed to recognise that its decision allowing entry of women of all ages inside Sabarimala temple could end up disappointing crores of Hindus across the country. The RSS chief said that Sabarimala temple has its own set of cultures and traditions and the top court did not take it into account while passing its judgement. Speaking at VHPs Dharma Sansad in Prayagraj, Bhagwat said, (It has its own tradition, but the court failed to realise that its decision will disappoint crores of Hindus in the country) Lekin koi jana nahi chah raha hai isliye Sri Lanka se lakar, peeche ke darwaze se ghusaya ja raha hai. (Court said that if any woman wishes to enter she be allowed. If any woman is stopped, she should be taken to the place of worship with proper security. However, nobody wants to go. Because of this, women are brought from Sri Lanka and are being taken inside through backdoor), Protests are on in Kerala after the Supreme Courts deicision. A number of women have tried to enter the shrine but failed due to huge protests. However, two women in menstruating age managed to enter the site on January 2 under police protection. Also read: The Left Front government in the state have said it will follow the Supreme Court order. Earlier this month the Kerala Government had told Supreme Court that as many as 51 women between 10-50 age group entered the Sabarimala temple ever since the top court lifted the age restriction on entry of women in the temple.

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