Suicides and drought plague the ‘Angriest’ state in India


In India The farmer left behind a wife, a daughter and 150,000 ($2,160) rupees of debt borrowed at a 60 percent interest rate. The story is eerily repeated in many villages in Beed district, which sits a few hours A three-year drought has left farmers like Bhosle with no income to pay back loans, with tragic consequences: Beed reportedly has the state The deaths, exacerbated by a lack of job opportunities, may pose a challenge for Prime Minister Narendra Modi In 2014, the Bharatiya Janata Party While Modi appears set to win another five-year term with a reduced majority when votes are counted on May 23, farmers remain a wild card. Whoever promises to fix this problem once and for all will get our vote. Mumbai has also seen thousands of farmers from Maharashtra jam up roads over the past few years to protest the Modi government Rising cost of fertilizers combined with depressed crop prices have left farmers with less money for living expenses and consumer goods across Asia In an already arid eastern Maharashtra, a seemingly endless drought has led to rising indebtedness and crop failures. As many as 12,602 farmers and agricultural laborers in India committed suicide in 2015, according to the last available data before the government stopped releasing figures. Maharashtra, along with neighboring Telangana and Karnataka, accounted for half of the deaths among India Modi The project called Jalyukt Shivar Abhiyaan accelerated the building of dams, ponds and tanks to store water. But many remain dry, prompting residents to look for other ways to get water. Bhaskar Sukhwasi, 60, helps run one of six diesel generators used to pump water into tankers from one of the few remaining reservoirs in Beed, which are then delivered to 57 villages in the district. He is supposed to be paid 150 rupees a day but says he hasn The main opposition Congress party is appealing to those who feel left behind under Modi. And the top three reasons are lack of adequate job generation, farm distress and communal clashes. Moreshwarnath Sagale voted for BJP in 2014, but he plans to vote for a local ally of the Congress party when the district votes on Thursday. Sagale blamed Modi for rising joblessness and the plight of farmers in the region. He cited efforts to bring railways to the area and the work on water conservation. He also pointed to the fact that most of the elected officials from the district were from the BJP. Modi And the other is the sentimental pull of identity and national security. Her husband killed himself because he was unable to pay debt borrowed at about 5 percent a month, leaving her with a daughter and 300,000 rupees of debt. But I haven\u201d

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