WATCH video: Sharad Yadav’s Bofors ‘faux pas’ embarrasses opposition leaders at Kolkata rally, BJP thanks him


Loktantrik Janata Dal (LJD) party leader Sharad Yadav on Saturday left opposition leaders embarrassed during the Kolkata rally when he kept on repeating Bofors was a scam in his address when he meant to say Rafale. Yadav referred to a newspapers article on Rafale to slam the BJP but he used Bofors as the name of the scam. Only yesterday in a newspaper, the Bofors scam was exposed. A prominent journalist of that newspaper yesterday exposed the scam which has been published in todays newspaper. At a time when soldiers of this country are giving their lives, this government did corruption in Bofors, he said. Watch video: VIRAL: Sharad Yadav makes a massive goof up at #Mamata2019Rally, attacks BJP using Bofors instead of Rafale\/rZjowQ6y0O Yadav immediately corrected himself. Later, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said that it was a slip of tongue. Meanwhile, the BJP has thanked Yadav for reminding the nation about Bofors scam. Thank you Sharad ji for having the courage to speak about Bofors! the BJP said in a tweet.

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