A dozen convicts, 10 charged for murder, 25 for attempt to murder in first phase of election


Criminalization of Politics: In a clear sign of sway of criminals into the countrys politics, one in every six candidates contesting from 91 seats going to poll in the first phase has declared criminal cases pending against him or her. What is more worrying that 70% of these 213 candidates with criminal records have serious offences like rape, murder, attempt to murder, bribery and corruption listed against them, showed a survey conducted by Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR). An analysis of the affidavits filed by all 1266 candidates revealed that 17% or 213 of them have criminal cases listed against them, and 146 or 70% of these 213 candidates have serious offences pending against them including murder. ALSO READ: Yogi Ten candidates have been involved in the cases related to murder (IPC 302) and 25 candidates have the cases of attempt to murder (IPC 307) listed against them. 1. Supreme Courts effort to cleanse politics of criminals Supreme Court has often cracked whip against entry of criminals into the countrys politics, pushing them out of electoral politics and forcing them to declare the criminal cases listed against them to general public. The steps taken by the apex court involve its direction to high courts and trial courts to conduct a time bound hearing of crime cases involving politicians. ALSO READ: For Telangana voters election is not about caste, religion; here is what concerns them In a landmark judgement delivered in 2013, the Supreme Court also ruled that MPs, MLAs will be disqualified from the date of their conviction in criminal cases attracting imprisonment of two years or more. The judgement was aimed at cleansing the Indian politics as it resulted in disqualification of big politicians like J Jaylalitha, Lalu Prasad Yadav and Rasheed Masood. However, an analysis of the affidavits filed by candidates for the first phase of Lok Sabha Election reveals that it will be a long drawn battle. 2. Candidates involved in cases of crimes against women Total 16 candidates have declared that offences related to crimes against women are pending against them. These crimes include rape (IPC Section 376), outraging the modesty of a women or subjecting women to cruelty. And four candidates have been facing cases related to kidnapping and abduction with the intention to murder or abduction of women with the intent of a forced marriage. There are at least a dozen candidates fighting election in the first phase that have been accused of hate speech. ALSO READ: Pie in the sky? Rahul Gandhi will need Rs 17-18 lakh crore to implement Congress manifesto

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