Abandoned by mom after birth, Kerala boy went onto become Switzerland MP! Read awe-inspiring story


Indian cinema has witnessed several rags to riches thrillers! The life of Switzerland MP Niklaus Samuel Gugger has all the ingredients to be a blockbuster film. A Malayali by birth but adopted and raised by a benevolent German couple, Niklaus Samuel Gugger has seen a turn of fortune. Apart from being an MP, the 48-year-old holds degrees in mechanical engineering, psychology and management and innovation. Niklaus is an acclaimed entrepreneur and owner of Ayurvedic drink company Zingi in Switzerland, according to a Manorama online report. Presently, Niklaus represents the Evangelical Peoples Party and is a member of the Switzerland Parliament. However, it is the Niklauss journey that has a fascinating aspect. Niklaus was born in the wee hours of May 1, 1970 at Lombard Memorial Hospital in Keralas Udupi district. A lady named Anasuya gave birth to Niklaus but left him with a note. She gave the letter and Niklaus to a doctor stating that the child must be handed over to a family who would look after him. Elizabeth and Fritz, the German couple who raised Niklaus, were visiting Lombard hospital for treatment. After seeing Niklaus, they decided to adopt him. They waited for Anasuya to turn up and even published a newspaper notification in this regard. However, their efforts went in vain. Fritz was teaching at the Nettur Technical Training Foundation (NTTF) in Thalasseri. Niklaus grew up as Protestant. Niklaus joined politics in 2002 and was elected as an MP in 2017. He married Beatrice in Switzerland. When their first child was born, they named her after Anasuya. Apart from the girl child, Niklaus also has two sons Niklaus visited Delhi as part of a delegation to attend the meeting of world MPs with Indian links. During the programme, he came in contact with Rajya Sabha MP Achyuta Samantha and shared his story. Niklaus story touched Achyuta and he honoured him with a D.Litt from Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology, which Achyuta has founded. Niklaus intends to pen a book on his life.

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