After being attacked on Holi, Gurugram family planning to leave city after 15 years


The Gurugram family, that was attacked by around 20-25 men on Holi, is now contemplating leaving the city – fifteen years after they moved in. Mohammed Sajid moved to Gurugram from Panchi in Bagpat district of Uttar Pradesh, reported Indian Express. Sajid who owns a furniture repair shop in Ghasola village told IE, We might move back to our village or to Delhi since it has happened once, it will happen again. If we are in our village and something like this happens at least we will have a few people to stand by us – in Gurugram we are alone, he added. Sajid owns a house in Bhoop Singh Nagar colony of Dhumaspur village, which he built three years ago for his wife and six children – where the incident happened on Thursday evening. An FIR has also been filed at the local Bhondsi police station. Sajids nephew Dilshad wrote in the complaint that during the time of the incident their relatives came over since Holi was a holiday. Everything started when two men asked the kids of the family who were playing cricket to Go play in Pakistan. As Sajid intervened, one of the men slapped him. Moments later, several others joined the two with rods, sticks and sword, attacked the family and stole their valuables. In a video shot by a family member from the third floor of the house, the victims can be seen trying to close the door to the terrace, while the attackers try to break it down. They can also be seen beating up a man, while another one lies in a corner and the women of the family plead them to stop. The police have also nabbed six people on the basis of the video. The complaint was lodged by Dilshad, a resident of Badshahpur, IE reported. He sustained a fracture in his left arm and said that the violence was not provoked by anyone. We can While we are poor and have small houses, Read Also| Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal questions PM Modi over attack on minority community in Gurugram The victims kids were also not left alone. Dilshad said, My son was hiding under the bed when the incident happened. But they slapped my four-year-old niece and threw my one-year-old niece on the bed, reported IE. On Saturday, ever since the incident came to light, several political parties have condemned the attack. Shattered window panes, damaged motorcycles in front of the house are stark reminders of what happened on Holi. Sajid said, in his 15 years in Gurugram the family has never witnessed such violence before. Referring to the locality where the incident happened as peaceful, local councillor, Balraj Bhadana, told IE, People from all communities staying in that locality for years, and no conflict has been reported. This violence happened because of infighting between two groups, but it has been politicised and given a communal angle. However I will try to ensure that people involved in instigating this violence are punished, he added. Following the incident, tension gripped the area – patrolling and deployment of police had been strengthened in the locality to avoid more such incidents, said Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Himanshu Garg. One 24-year-old Mahesh Kumar from Naya Gaon has also been arrested in connection to the incident and taken into police remand for one day, Dinesh Kumar, ACP of Sohna told IE.

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