Arvind Kejriwal shares image of Swastika on Twitter, slammed by BJP


Delhi Chief Minister and Aam Admi Party convenor Arvind Kejriwal on Wednesday triggered a controversy on Twitter when he put out a tweet in which a broom, which is his party symbol, The tweet was posted shortly after 10pm on Wednesday. The Aam Aadmi party issued a clarification later saying that the symbol in the tweet was the Nazi symbol and not the Hindu Swastika. BJP leader Manoj Tewari also took to Twitter saying, We Hindus live peacefully. We have never believed in Prachar or Prasaar.It hurts to see power hungry @ArvindKejriwal berating Hindus and Hinduism when it suits his vote calculations Someone sent this .\/IScYDLgwZr Also read: If you want to make your children chowkidars, vote for Modi ji. But if you want that your children get good education and become doctors, engineers and lawyers, vote for the Aam Aadmi Party which has honest and educated people. He along with a number of BJP leaders and party supporters also added Chowkidar in front of their names on their Twitter accounts.

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