Dog saves lives of more than 30 people; dies later in cylinder blast!


A heartwarming incident has come to light from Banda in Uttar Pradesh. After a fire broke out in a building, a dog saved the life of more than 30 people by constantly barking and alerting them. However, the dog later died in a cylinder blast triggered by the fire. A major fire engulfed a building, where about 30 people lived, in Banda. The people managed to escape safely from the building as the dog kept on barking continuously alerting them on time. ANI TWEET: Banda: Domestic dog saves life of more than 30 people by alerting them about fire in the building. An eyewitness says, The dog kept barking at the fire which alerted everyone and allowed them to escape safely. The dog later died when a cylinder blasted. (12.4.19)\/ywi7NTLH6P The canine, however, died after a blast in a cylinder kept inside the building. Dogs are considered to be among the most loyal of all animals. In a similar incident, another dog risked his life to save the life of his owner and his family in Bhubaneswar recently. Tyson, a dalmatian, fought off a cobra with all his might to safeguard his owner and his family. Tyson had spotted the cobra outside the residence of his owner and sensing danger, he decided to wage a war with the reptile. Though the canine successfully killed the cobra, he lost his life soon after the incident. Last year, in Keralas Idukki district, a pet dog turned out to be the savior of its master and his family when the animal woke them up at 3 am, minutes before their house collapsed in a landslip. Rocky (pet dog) yelped and made disturbing sounds, waking up the owner and his wife. They soon heard a noise and ran out of their house, only to find to their horror that their dwelling was collapsing.

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