Far lesser terror incidents in Modi government’s regime than before 2014: Nirmala Sitharaman


Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Sunday said that Pulwama terror attack should not have occurred but continuous efforts taken the Modi government in last five years have successfully thwart several attacks and resulted in far lesser terror incidents as compared to the time before 2014. Speaking at an event organised by Thinkers Forum in Bengaluru, she rejected Oppositions accusations on the Pulwama terror attack that left at least 40 CPPF soldiers dead. She said that charges levelled by the opposition parties are not based on facts and that they can stoop to any level to win elections. All facts checked, it is true that between 2014 and today vis-a-vis 2004 and 2013, except for Kashmir, has there been any terrorist or minor bomb attack anywhere else in the country? Lets talk on facts, the minister was quoted as saying by news agency, ANI. The Congress party in the previous week alleged that the Prime Minister was busy indulging in promoting himself like Bollywood stars when the Pulwama terror attack was reported in south Kashmir on February 14. The party also criticised the conduct of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, at the time and asserted that he should have been holding a meeting with his Cabinet. The Congress party termed the prime ministers conduct as shocking. READ ALSO | 5 years She said that the issues in the defence sector were so problematic that the defence forces had no bulletproof jackets, ammunition for tankers and technology upgradation required for the Indian Air Force. The minister said that the for the initial two years, the then Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar took time to understand the issues of the forces and then Union minister Arun Jaitley prepared a report on it. After I took over, I could take it forward, as the report was ready, Sitharaman said. She also responded to a question on the barbarous Pulwama terror attack and said that the anger, emotions and disappointment of the people to avenge the attack was well absorbed by the Indian government and the Prime Minister. Pakistan is the fountainhead of terrorism not just against India but many countries and the fact that Pakistan is very much under stress as it has been economically isolated by the world community. Much more can be done on this front, she said.

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