Kumbh Mela 2019: ‘Digital Baba’ trying to bridge gap between technology and religion, watch video


Swami Ram Shankar, a young saint at Kumbh Mela 2019, is becoming famous as Digital Baba among pilgrims. He earned his name as Digital Baba for his effort to reach out to the younger generations, and bridging the gap between religion and technology, which has often stayed away from each other, ANI reported. In the ongoing Kumbh Mela that is being held at Prayagraj, previously known as Allahabad, Ram Shankar can be seen carrying a tripod around, with his iPhone attached to it. In a video that the news agency posted, he can be seen wearing a saffron jacket, roaming around the city, interacting with the youth and live streaming it on Facebook from his phone. While talking to news agency ANI, he revealed, I came to be known as Digital Baba because of the way I incorporate my work with social media. I go to places where I can meet the young people and I try to interact with them whenever I can, he added. Read Also| Looking to buy your dream home? Here is how to select a property to maximise tax benefits India was known as Viswaguru to the world, he said. However, the spiritual knowledge of the younger people of this country is not that deep – I want to make them understand the importance and richness of the spiritual traditions of India. So that they can be proud of the countrys traditions, and incorporate in their lives in the long run. Swami Ram Shankar talks to the younger generations about their perceptions on Kumbh Mela – what they expected before going there and how they are feeling after attending it, their thoughts and notions about our holy books and the spiritual practices.

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