Modi interview: Can see a greater wave than 2014 in favour of BJP. Ten major takeaways


Modi interview: Prime Minister Narendra Modi is confident that the Bharatiya Janata Party-led National Democratic Alliance will retain power with an overwhelming majority. In an exclusive pre-poll interview with ABP News, PM Modi claimed that the wave in favour of the BJP was greater this time than it was in 2014 when the party won 282 seats. The Congress could only manage to win 44 seats in the last Lok Sabha elections. There is a pro-incumbency wave this time, PM Modi said. During the interview, PM Modi responded to questions on topics ranging from Rahul Gandhi to recent air strikes conducted by the Indian Air Force on terror training camps inside Pakistan. PM Modi interview: Key takeaways 1. Congress manifesto: The manifesto of the Congress party is a hypocrite one. Congress ruled the country for 60 years. They have many experienced leaders. Congress manifesto is just a shortcut, it was expected that they would come with a mature manifesto. Congress manifesto seems to be speaking the language of the tukde-tukde gang. The Congress has insulted the Army in its manifesto. 2. On Ram Mandir: It is not only me but everyone wants Ram Mandir to be built as soon as possible. We have to wait for the Supreme Courts decision to get to the solution. I wont like to comment on her (Priyanka Gandhis) visiting Ram Janmabhoomi. 3. On why Muslims dont trust BJP: All my schemes are based on the policy of Sabka Saath, Sabka Vishwas. My government aims to provide house for all by 2022. There will be electricity in every house be it of Muslim or Hindu. I dont work for Hindus or Muslims, I work for every citizen of the country. 4. On BJP leaders making controversial remarks: I dont approve of statements like Muslims should be sent to Pakistan. Party always takes action on people who make such statements. It is not necessary that everything should go out in the media. BJP gives tickets to candidates belonging to the minority community too. 5. On Rahul Gandhi contesting from two seats: BJP has never questioned his decision to contest from two seats. In democracy anyone can contest election from anywhere. But the manner in which he was forced to leave Amethi is what we are questioning. He (Rahul Gandhi) also realises that it would be tough for him to win election from Amethi this time. 6. On reports of Priyanka Gandhi contesting from Varanasi: It doesnt matter to me who is contesting from where. Democracy allows anyone to contest from anywhere. Let them do. 7. On air strikes in Pakistan: While some people have been asking for proof of the air strikes.Pakistan itself gave ample proof by admitting action from the Indian Air Force. Pakistan should stop allowing its soil to be used from terror activities against India. The problem with that (Pakistan) is you dont know whom to talk to – the elected government? the army? or the ISI? 8. On Demonetisation: I have repeatedly informed the nation about the benefits of Demonetisation and will continue to do so. The move gave the message to the people that Modi will reward honest people. It has encouraged people to file taxes. 9. On Nirav Modi, Vijay Mallya: We are constantly tracking and taking action against all such fugitives. They are being brought back to the country and jailed due to efforts of our government. 10. On jobs, unemployment: You all know that the numbers of roads, airports, railway stations have doubled now. Can it be possible without jobs? About 4.25 crore people started their own business. The Congress had made such false allegations regarding unemployment during the time of Atal government too.”,”headline”: “Modi interview: Can see a greater wave than 2014 in favour of BJP. Ten majortakeaways

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